Kennel Aamuhallan

Niina Rintala, Alajärvi

+358 44 284 4100


huukopose.jpgDOB. 17.3.2005 ( FIX00601/07 )

† 3.7.2018

Mix breed, neutered male 

Owner: Niina Rintala



Hips: A/A (un-official)

Knees: 0/0 (un-official)

Eyes: Clear (un-official, 16.1.2013) 

MyDogDNA ID: 8700 2321 5047 167



Obedience: Beginners class 3rd prize 113p.

Mental Test: LTE +131 (un-official)

Huukos results

Huuko is our can-do-everything dog. Our activities are obedience, agility and blood tracking. In fact I've said many times that if mix breeds could took part in blood tracking tests he would be blood tracking champion with the minimum requirement of five tests (and 1st prices). He sure has a very, very accurate nose and he does his tracking fast.
Huuko has been with us when we've been duck hunting but he got a bit too exited and couldn't be silent when it was banging here and there so we had to take him home that he wouln't disturb other hunters hunting. Huuko is very good retreaver and can retreave any game. :)