Kennel Aamuhallan

Niina Rintala, Alajärvi

+358 44 284 4100

nipa2v_istuu.jpgFI CH FIDAN

male, tricolour

DOB. 8.9.2011 ( FI54815/11 )

Breeder: Taru Hemminki, Alajärvi

Owner: Anita Sillanpää, Alajärvi



Knees: 0/0

Eyes: PPM (persistent pupillary membranes) (4.6.2015)

Cord1-PRA: Normal

MyDogDNA ID: 8700 2321 7394 526




Shows: FI CH
Open Class EXC CQ
BD-placements, 3 * CC
1 * SE Res-CC
1 * Res-CACIB

Mental Description: Passed 5/2013 VIDEO

Nipas results

Nipas development

Nipa is my mothers little love package. :)
Nipa is also living with us time to time and I'm sure we'll be seen at least at shows now and then and it could be that we'll try some other activities as well.
Time will tell what we'll do in the future and we'll see what this little boy will become. I've rarely seen this nice small dog. He's got the most sweetest temperament and he would have the "power" to do many things. There has been no thing that would've made him scared or nervous. Very high-sprited little man. I just simply adore him becouse of his temperament.


Nipa 2 years