Kennel Aamuhallan

Niina Rintala, Alajärvi

+358 44 284 4100


nips_istuu.jpgDOB. 15.1.2006 ( FIX00602/07 )

†  23.3.2012

Mix Breed, neutered male

Owner: Niina Rintala, Alajärvi


Hips: E/D (un-official evaluation)

Elbows: 3/2 (un-official evaluation)

Nipsu was our only dog that had no hobbies. He filled his place as loved pet and companion and was very good as his "job". I'm sure Nipsu would've been exellent in agility and in obedience if his body would have been healthy and if he hasn't been so timid.

Nipsu sure had his reasons to be skeptical of strange people and places. When Nipsu came to us from local animal shelter he was abused and in very bad condition. After rehabilitation his hindlegs limping did stop but the leg never heeled. Nipsu was also x-rayed from his hips and elbows as well as from his back and the pictures were so bad that Nipsu was put to sleep.
Now he can run without any pain. Run as hard as he can - do the thing he loved the most - at the rainbow bridge...